Really new is only that which does not yet have a name. It’s an opportunity that
the brand name becomes a synonym for the entire product category.

American Marketing Association defined the brand as “… a name, term, design, symbol,
or any other feature or any combination of the foregoing. Its reason is to identify goods
or services of one seller or one group of sellers from those of other sellers.”
One of the
giants standing at the birth of modern advertising, Claude C. Hopkins (1866 - 1932),
wrote: “The right name is an advertisement in itself.” [Claude C. Hopkins: Scientific advertising]
Marketing consultant Al Ries (*1926) says: “Selecting the right name is the important marketing
decision you make. The right name leads to favorable publicity and consumer perception. The
wrong name leads on the path to nowhere."
[Al Ries, Laura Ries: The Fall of Advertising and the Rise
of PR] Similarly Tomas Bata jun. (1914 - 2008) said: “… any businessman knows, when you have
a product that customers don’t like, you don’t just improve the product, you give it a new name.
[Sonja Sinclair: Bata – Shoemaker to the World]

In order the mission of the brand is internationally understandable (without any negative connotations
in different language cultures), instead of local languages not only English but for example
also Latin, Greek or Esperanto (although these rarely) are used. The name of the brand should
be easy to remember and from the phonetic point of view easily pronounceable.

Countless successful names of companies, brands, products etc are nowadays so called blends.
A blend is a word formed from parts of two or more other words (mostly of their roots).

Although the East German philosopher, cybernetician and chess master Georg Klaus (1912 - 1974)
wrote at the time that not even the most sophisticated machine can perform even the simplest
creative mental operation, e.g. creating new terms [Georg Klaus: Electronic Brain against Human Brain?
On Philosophical and Social Problems of Cybernetics], currently there are such computer programs.

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One small recommendation: “Short words are best and the old words when short are best of all.”
(Winston Churchill) is valid also in marketing communication.
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